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contribution in developing knowledge capabilities of the society individuals and institutions, enabling them to do continual education.


Faculty Goals

Apply the knowledge of basic engineering sciences Preparation is capable of applying engineering sciences graduate. decision-making in a crisis.


Faculty Mission

To be pioneer in engineering sciences on the Middle East and African levels, in the fields of education, scientific research and community service.


Faculty Vision

preparing an outstanding engineer capable of teamwork, innovation and creativity, through continual education, learning, teaching and research.


It established the Faculty of Engineering at King Fouad I University (Cairo) at the beginning of the academic year 1941-1942 branch in Alexandria to study junior year and in the School of Arts and Industries Building Shatby The following year a law was passed to establish Farouk I University, and became this section, the beginning of the Faculty of Engineering. The study began in the college in the year 1942 - 1943 for the year and first year junior high student population of 169 students was not among them students and pursue the establishment of the college academic departments were set up engineering, civil architecture and mechanical and electrical engineering departments

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ACM the world’s largest educational and scientific computing society, delivers its resources that advance computing as a science and a profession.servesedge publications, conferences, and career resources..


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Created in 2015 from a meeting of the most active students in the College of Engineering, Alexandria University on a single goal It is the preparation of a professional engineer, and so by First, the organization of scientific and cultural..


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student community Microsoft Student Tech Club at Alexandria university is a h education, practice, and program that promotes advanced technology througtechnical -innovation. It also provides students with both technical


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Production Active Students is a volunteering team in Production Engineering Department. The Team started on May 2014 aiming to develop the department and its own members’ skills. to make a better student life and access to learning ..


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Faculty Administration

Faclty Dean

Prof.Dr. Abdul Alziz Qansuh

Faclty Dean

Khalid El-sayed

Prof. Khalid El-sayed Jaafar

Vice-Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development

Prof. Mohammed Jaber Abu Ali

Prof. Mohammed Jaber Abu Ali

Vice Dean for Education and Students Affairs

Prof. Magdi Abdel Azim Ahmed

Prof. Magdi Abdel Azim Ahmed

Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research


Students Almnicolon distributed from prep year to the first year on the different scientific departments of the college


Department of Computer Engineering:

Computer programming, programming, probability theory and Ttbaiqtha in computers, data structures, basics Computing, Mathematics of computers, statistical methods for computers, digital systems, mathematics numerical analysis And its applications in computing, programming systems and components


Department of Electrical Engineering:

Electrical circuits, modern physics, the entrance to the power systems, electrical and electronic measurements, devices Electronic circuits, the entrance to the logical and programming circuits, circuit analysis, principles of microprocessors, Electromagnetic fields, Electronics Engineering, Electrical Power


Department of Structural Engineering:

Theory of the construction, properties of materials and testing, soil mechanics, foundation engineering, Khorasaneh armed, Construction engineering, analysis, tummy tuck, a construction, engineering project management, advanced materials, plant engineering


Department of Marine Engineering:

Drawing machines and machines ships, naval architecture, analysis of a construction of the ships, drawing ships and machinery, mechanics Fluid, create ships, computer programming, fluid mechanics and hydraulic machines, materials technology, design


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